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Just as a book will have an index of topics, here I will post hyperlinks of posts to make finding the perfect post easy to manage. They will be placed under categories alphabetically.


Average Life

  1. What is the Average Life of the Chronically Ill Like?
  2. In My Eyes (Poetry)


  1. Preparing  A Lovely Sourdough For Baking


  1. Learning to Be a Gracious Receiver


  1. People Come Into Our Lives For A Reason
  2. Is There Such Thing As Coincidence?


  1. How Comments Affect Us
  2. When Will You Understand What Your Words Mean to Me? (Poetry)


  1. When Your Doctor Doesn’t Listen
  2. Doctors and Health (Poetry)


  1. Chronic Illness Makes You Broke Part One
  2. Chronic Illness Makes You Broke Part Two
  3. World of Money (Poetry)
  4.  What I Would Have Been (Poetry)

Guest Posts – Mine

  1. Alternative Options to Consider When Typical Treatments Fail
  2. Do We Loose Our Dreams With Chronic Illness?
  3. The Importance of Keeping a Sense of Humor


  1. Why Hobbies Are Important With Chronic Illness
  2. What To Do When You’re Ill (Poetry)


  1. Faith In Chronic Illness
  2. Faith Is my Fuel (Poetry)


  1. It’s Okay To Be Sad
  2. You Have Every Right To Be Sad (Poetry)

Very First Post

  1. Introduction
  2. An Introductory Poem (Poetry)

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