What Is I Will Remember About?

I will remember is a free PDF that I’m giving away. It is a list of things to remember about your chronically ill circumstances to put on your fridge, hang on your wall, or put it wherever you want.

The idea is that it’s placed somewhere for you to see and remember in that instance when you are down because of your chronic illness. It’s also a place to hang up to start conversations with others who don’t know what it’s like to be chronically ill.

When someone comes to your home and sees it hanging up, I’m hoping that it will open a conversation of why it is there. With that, we can spread the world of what it’s really like to live with chronic illness, as well as educate the world on the truth of the reality of our lives.

As an afterthought, if you want to take it somewhere to have it shrunk, I’m pretty sure that it can be shrunk to where it can fit in your wallet. (Don’t count me on that one, though.) You could then take it with you wherever you go, so that when times get tough and you’re traveling, you can look at it to remind yourself and cheer you up.

I hope that it will be a helpful resource for you!