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Greetings! My name is Crys, and I want to take you on a journey through the eyes of someone chronically ill.

It is my hope that you will be able to learn what someone who is chronically sick not only goes through, but our struggles and challenges.

One thing to keep in mind is that not everyone is the same. I have my experiences, and they have theirs. But there are some things we have in common.

Chronic illness is very debilitating. It’s also discouraging in many ways because of the financial costs, the way we are treated by others, not to mention the loss of being able to do what we once were able to do. Because of this, we who are chronically ill have unique challenges that others face.

But the challenge isn’t limited to us alone. It’s also a challenge for those who know us. Because they’re healthy, or at least not as ill as us, or at least not having the unique challenges of a chronic illness, they don’t understand what we go through. It’s hard for them to relate to us.

One of my goals with these posts it to give advice to those who are chronically ill and help them on their journey. I believe that the wisdom I have to impart is not only useful, but can be a source of strength.

Another goal that I have is to offer some tips that the chronically ill can use to hopefully make their lives a bit better. These might be tips on things I’ve discovered with dieting or it might be a healing modality I’ve discovered.

My final goal is geared to those who have loved ones or friends that are chronically ill. I am hopeful that my posts will help you understand what your loved ones are going through. I want to render things plain and clear to your understanding so that you can see through our lives our everyday challenges.

These posts are based foremost on my experiences, but it is also based on what I’ve seen.

May we all learn from each other.

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